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TOTAL STATION CYGNUS KS 102P call 081323770626 / 085939142000

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Cygnus KS 102P Total Station 
Topcon Positioning Group announces a new 2LS reflectorless total station – CYGNUS KS-102 – for the construction and builders market.  2LS is a Topcon brand.
“CYGNUS has exceptional quality, an affordable price and an array of extraordinary features,” said Ray Kerwin, director, global planning­–survey products.
“This new total station combines simplicity with ease-of-use,” he said, “to make any measurement and positioning job easier and more efficient.”
The total station has long-range reflectorless measurement capabilities, “ideal for measurements in hard to reach or congested locations,” Kerwin said. “Its built-in laser pointer makes it easy for the operator to know the exact point he is measuring, and is an added aid for alignment and layout work. It also has an industry-leading operation time, with a battery life of up to 23 hours of operation without recharging.”
Key features include:
-- 24,000-point memory.
-- 200m reflectorless measurement range.
-- 2-arc second angle accuracy.
-- 24-key alphanumeric pad.

Spesifikasi - Cygnus KS 102P Total Station

Spesifikasi :

Field of View1°30'
Resolving power3.0"
Minimum focus distance1.3m
Angle measurement
Display resolution1"/ 5"
Axis compensator1 axis, ±3' (Compensation range)
Distance measurement
Measuring range - Reflectorless200m
Measuring range - Prism2,000m (Single Prism)
Accuracy - Reflectorless(3+2 ppm x D)mm
Accuracy - Prism(2+2 ppm x D)mm
Measuring time (Fine) - Reflectorless1.1s
Measuring time (Fine) - Prism1.1s
Interface and Data Management
DisplayGraphic LCD
Keyboard24 Alpha-Numeric Keys
Control panel location2 sides
Data storage - Internal memory24,000 pts
Data storage - Plug-in memory deviceN/A
InterfaceSerial RS-232C
Levels - Plate Level30" / 2mm
Levels - Circular level10' / 2mm
Optical plummet (Magnification)3x
Dust and water protectionIP54
Operating temperature-20 to 50ºC
Size with handle336(H) x 184(W) x 172(L) mm
Weight with battery & tribrach4.9kg
Power supply
Operating time(20ºC)Approx. 23 hours

Standard Aksesoris :

  • Cygnus KS 102 Total Station
  • 2 x Aluminium Tripod
  • 1 x Prisma Polygon
  • 1 x Range Pole
  • 1 x Single Prism
  • 1 x Cable Data
  • 1 x Software Data

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